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Jaheim - Daddy Thing

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Jaheim; Daddy Thing Dinle

Who did the daddy thing
When a father was'nt there
Who did the daddy thing

Verse 1:
Now usually
If there's a car seat
Up in the back seat
Or a tiny shoe swinging from the rear view mirror
A ring on her hand
I could never be her man
But we got so close
Blew all my dough in the Baby Gap school clothes
Pretty little angel in berets and bows
And a button nose
After a while started calling me daddy

I should've known that it could'nt last
Should've known that you'd take him right back
I should've took off running
When I first saw her coming
Would have never gotten so attached

When her father wasn't there to participate
He got hit with a bid upstate
When she needed diapers,wipes,food,and baby shoes
Won't you tell me
Who did the daddy thing?
I gave her everything
Who did the daddy thing?
Nobody nobody but me

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