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Jim Jones - J.I.M.M.Y.

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[ Reklamlar ]

Jim Jones; J.I.M.M.Y. Dinle

Capo, what's my mother-fuckin name (DipSet)
Eastside (code red) say what, what's my mother-fuckin name (DipSet)
DipSet, Byrd Gang

Catch that boy Capo
Cruising up 8th with the top low, and the cops low, (Squalie)
I'm a DipSet boss
You don't wanna get clapped get caught up in the cross, (dip low)
And I'm caught up in the floss
Chain 500 thou' cause I'm brought up in the gloss, (Balling)
And I'm caught up in the cross
I'm a winner I ain't tryin to get caught up with a loss, (No way)

[Verse 1]
Now when the hell would it stop (never)
I keep evading the law getting tailed by the cops (Fuck 'em)
I keep breakin the law got a bail on spot
You can't cool me off, tried to tell you I'm hot, (sizzlin')
Goin hard for 16
Livin that fast life like I'm made for the big screen, (Lights, Camera, Action)
And y'all know how I get in the club
A nigga knew the bouncer, a 4-fifth in the club
I try to two step, 4-fifth can't budge
So I'm posted in the back while I'm twistin up bud (Haze)
Got some hoes in the back and they sippin on suds
Blowin smoke on the dough, poppin Cris' with the thugs

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