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Jin - C'mon

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Jin; C'mon Dinle

[Verse 1]
You at my welcome mat and I ain't mad by letting you in
Long as you listen to me closely as you get to know Jin
First of all I had the thirst of all rappers combined
Worst of all people told me I was wasting my time
Like I was better off making up computer designs
A doctor, a lawyer, or anything that's using my mind
When I used to rap I usually got refused and declined
Till I felt abused and used it as fuel in my rhymes
In every battle, the race card was my downfall
Till I read the Art of War and used it to clown y'all
I'm still battling but on a different note
Not rappers, but labels, same ocean but a different boat
Them CEOs must be sniffin' coke
Don't they know that I'm the dopest product on either coast?
They tried to drown me, but I stayed afloat
Here's a verse for you to quote
The realest shit I ever wrote

Now that I got your attention I gotta say this
I know that it's been debated I'm a gimmick they created
All the people that hated because I made it, two-faced
When they the same ones that wished that I'd make it
All the critics that's jealous that I've

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